Jane and John (cont’d)

Scene 3: Flashback: 3 years earlier – Seattle, WA, the Lava Lounge – Close to Midnight (nearly time to let it all hang out)

Town Called Malice” plays over the bar loudly. The bar is decorated for Christmas. John stands at the bar with two of his friends while Jane is dancing ala Billie Elliot style. She is completely wasted but not a bad dancer. Her friends watch her and occasionally John and his friends look at her laughing. Jane notices John’s dark olive skin and thick eyebrows, with a voice graveling in limestone.

That goddamn Pollack nearly broke my hand!

For fuck’s sake Da, I got the dance in me, can’t ya see it?

So he’s still trying to hit me and dude he’s fucking beat and I’m just pounding on his fucking skull.

Why did he even show up?

Who knows all I know is he started bleedin’ all over me.

He steps back so everyone can see the blood on his t-shirt. Jane continues dancing like Billie Elliot.

Easy Janey you’re scaring the natives.

I’m electricity. I’m disappearin’. Dance Billie dance.

Jane tries to do a chaines or quick turns on alternating feet, too drunk she falls onto the floor. Mortified her friends sit motionless on their barstools. Quickly adept at taking advantage of any situation, John crosses and helps Jane to her feet.

All right disco queen had enough?

John’s eyes lay down heavily on Jane. “Town Called Malice” still glows in the background, He stood with her. Dark, with a disposition that unsettled his vision; she carried traits from his past but jeered at them; making him feel stupid.

She shifted from one foot thinking madly of something clever to share. Their entire future fell before her eyes. He gently placed her dark curl back to join the others. Jane saddled back up onto the barstool and quietly ordered another drink while her black eyes followed him as he rejoined his friends.

Billie ordered another drink and tried to gain the attention of a friend brought out simply as a pay-back rather than a drunken dreamed oasis. Darleen, sipped her 9pm year old body temperature glass of wine from a box, adjusted her ill fitted Spanks and wondered why she agreed to another “typical Billie night out” night out. Her dirty white tasseled purse absorbed the hip yellow PBR spill that tended to gather like a French student dues protest – clinging with aggression knowing that it’s violently happy tumult would weigh out large every time.

Billie and Darleen make inaudible remarks but by the looks on their faces it is obvious, they are disparaging.

What did he say to you?

Jane still locked in John’s eyes ignores Darleen’s remark and orders another drink. John signaled to the bartender and whispers to him. The bartender returns to Jane with her drink.

From the gentlemen covered in blood.

Jane accepts the drink and toasts her potential suitor. Billie and Darleen nearly claw at each other trying to understand Jane’s attraction. John’s voice is heard over the music. Billie and her friend glare at him. Jane sways mouthing the words to “Dreams”. She reinvents Steve Nicks on her bar stool. Darleen, a huge Stevie Nicks fan, finally reveres an interest. She stands clapping for her white witch.

I think we’ve officially worn out our welcome here.

Jane moves to the music twisting her curls around and around her fingers and steals glances with John.

Why don’t we go check out that new place on Lake Union?

Sounds better than this place.

(finally acknowledging her surroundings)
I can’t afford it.

You need to get a job.

I gave my resume to your receptionist about a week ago? Did they tell you? I mentioned your name.

Oh really? Hmm…I don’t know.

Jane looks down at her drink and tries to continue to enjoy herself.

Well either way, my broke ass can’t afford that place.

John crosses back to Jane.

What? I’ll buy you another drink.

Jane stiffens her back and fidgets with her hair. She crosses her legs and takes him in. He places one hand on the bar and the other on Jane’s neck.

You wanna do a shot?

Jane shakes her head.

You wanna make out a little?

John kisses Jane, wrapping his large hands around her neck. Jane holds onto his hand around her neck. John’s friend’s cheer at their friend while Billie and Darleen watch Jane in disbelief then slowly exit the bar unnoticed.

They make out wildly. Grabbing at her ass, John lifts Jane off her stool and presses into her. She pulls at his belt in a futile attempt to draw him closer to inside her. When they stop, they both laugh in unison. John kisses the tip of Jane’s nose.

You know how to get the blood outta this?

Jane leans in and kisses him.


Stay tuned until tomorrow for Scene 4!

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Where Am I?

2011 has found the high-heeled robbers MIA (not to be confused with the singer). Apologies to all for lack of correspondence and story-time. I have been trying to get my one-act play, which Jane and John is based on, workshopped and soon produced for the stage.

The excuses are not to be found so I will just say that before February is through I will post the next scene for the critically acclaimed script (well it is in my mind anyway) Jane and John (still a working title).

Thanks for your patience and happy reading!

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