10 very short stories


Tied to the stake, a dead piece of meat – flies buzzed around the head. Vultures circled leaving it for dead. They had fed off the flesh and scampered to the next victim. Puckered skin peeled from exposed muscle. Pathetically she bided them a nice day and happily anticipated another visit soon.


Booming the boss’ voice rang Janet’s ears,

“How hard could it be? You need to figure it out or we will lose this account!”

“I told you that I would need help,” Janet’s words shook.

“Help you! Why? I don’t even know where to start.”

“We are on the same team, I don’t understand…” Janet began feebly.

Janet’s manager interrupted, “You better realize that if you fuck this up you on your own! I don’t want my name on it!”

The boss opened email and fussed about her computer while insulting barks and spit hacked at Janet’s skin.

The boss never anticipated Janet slipping a knife into the nape of her neck. Choking on her own blood, the boss’ forehead hit the keyboard.

Janet laid the budget papers on the desk and watched them soak up the blood.

“How ‘bout your blood bitch?”


His tiny face wrinkled red with anxiety and fear. Would she be able to console him as mommy once did? Was she trying to take daddy away? Unable to resist her he cried out,



She wondered if in fact ‘Girls Night Out” actually meant, “I hate my mate”?

Shrugging off her thoughts, she chose the largest diamond out of the case and kissed her fiancé.


“But you said it would be forever.” He watched her amazed.

“It is, baby.” She said then died in his arms.


Taylor was silent.  Jesse sat on the other end of the phone uneasily. He finally spoke.

“I just wanted to let you know dude. You know bros before hos.”

An image of her standing drunk naked in front of all his friends that he had hoped to forget burned in his memory as he hung up the phone.


“I don’t want to ever see those two again.” She cried to him in the dark.

He sat next to her on the bed, tossed his keys atop the nightstand and placed his gun back into its metal box. He kissed her on the mouth then confidently replied,

“Don’t worry, you won’t.”


Samson pleaded with his brother, Hank to remain loyal and not to trust the humans. Hank, only a very young kitten, could not understand and allowed the man to pick him up onto his lap.

The man cooed and stroked Hank’s soft fur. Purring guiltily, Hank watched his brother’s faith in him slipping away as he slinked into the other room. Confused, Hank hissed and scratched the man then leaped onto the floor. Quickly rising from his chair, the man swore at Hank as he chased after Samson into the back bedroom.

Samson looked down at his brother from the made bed, shaking his head.

“It was a valiant attempt, but they will forgive you. It is as it was foretold; I am now without a family.”

The man entered the room, scooped up Hank and kindly scolded him. Kissing the kitten, Hank found himself again getting lost in the man’s affections. The man carried Hank outside the bedroom.

Hank sobbed quietly to himself as his brother faded into the back of the apartment.


Her knuckles went white. He sat hanging his head ashamed of what he believed he had become to her. Looking out the kitchen window he hated those that could afford the things that he could not buy her. She deserved everything, he once told her. The passersby mocked him. The dwindling pack of smokes chided him.

She crossed the hardwood floor and stood next to his chair. She observed the street below. Hip persons crossed under the large window. Admitting his thoughts out loud she jeered,


Glancing around the tastefully decorated flat, she smiled. Acquiescing she kissed him on the top of his head and while gently stroking his back she quietly asked,

“And you’re sure of this?”

He looked up. She looked down at him half grinning. Quickly rising from his chair he faced her.

“Baby it’ll work. I’ve been casing the bank for months now. I know exactly how it’s all gonna go down – how much money we can get away with, everything.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck she whispered into his ear,

“Well call me Bonnie, Clyde.”


Each daisy bowed gracefully to the warm light breeze circling through the meadow. The unusually hot May morning sun slowly and delicately aged each petal. Awakening to the sound of a not too distant car engine, she opened her eyes to greet the warmth on her lemony face. Stiffening her stem, she affectionately looked upon her husband’s burnt orange face peacefully asleep under her leaves. The sky’s perpetual blue assured her that the rains were weeks away. Examining the still moist ground relieved her.

As the car engine’s rumble drew closer, her husband awoke quietly.

“…Good day me lady.”

“And a fine day to you my lord,” She played along.

He kissed her sun kissed face and wrapped her up in his leaves.

“You hear that wretched car?”

“Yes love, it too awoke me from my sleep.”

“It wasn’t too long ago in which the motor vehicles were banned from this meadow.” He reminisced.

She indulged his fond memories and relaxed into his strong greenery. He concluded,

“But let me not ruin this fine morning with faded memories of the days long past for the soil is still moist and it has been a fortnight since we have had human contact.”

“Yes my lord, let us enjoy the still quiet before all have awakened to begin the day’s chores.”

They sat together and happily daydreamed of the perfect bumble bee that might grant them an offspring before the spring’s end. Upon re-opening their wide black eyes a bulbous hand gouged deep into his greenery, tearing chunks from his stem. Watching his horror she screamed at the humans to stop; to please take her instead. Unable to hear the screams and anguish of the daisy, the humans continued to pull and rake select daisies and placed them into a large brown wicker basket.

Her lemony face twisted in pain watching her husband’s body dangle lifeless from the dry prickly wicker. He strained in his last breath to look at her one last time. She was beautiful. She had been his life and now she was his in death.

The morning came with a torrential downpour that soaked the ground. The ground in which her husband once rooted had become a brown mushy puddle. She lifted her face to the pouring rains and begged the sky to drown her to please take her to lay with her lover. In what seemed an instant the rains stopped and the sun returned to the sky.

Now somber she went about her daily chores with the others. As she toiled she felt a vibration very close to the top of her petals. She looked up quickly and noticed a large bumble bee. Gingerly resting itself on her lemon colored face he explained,

“He has sent me to you, so that you will no longer be lonely.”

Crying she accepted the bumblebee and anticipated her new beginning and another spring.

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10 Responses to 10 very short stories

  1. Tyrone Brown says:

    Very lovely my dear. Especially love the Story about the cats and the flowers. Beautiful and sad at the same time!

  2. pearl jam says:

    #5: were some of the strongest and touching four sentences ever

    #8: I love this story about the kittens!

    oh and the second story held no fear at all. Very cool short stories!

  3. thefriande says:

    I loved number 10, I’ve never read a story before in which flowers had been given human qualities. The love angle was particularly interesting when you mentioned the bumblebee giving them a baby. Very creative!

  4. Kathrynellendid says:

    Mighty dark and scary, Jude. But expressed well.

    Take good care – Kate

  5. Laura Hughes says:

    planting good seed reaps abundant yield…YO!


  6. "P." says:

    Wow Jude you’re going to inspire me to write. #10 was stellar! Loved the whole premise! #5 could easily be the beginning of a Law & Order episode! Quite enjoyable, but I need more!!!:)

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