ADD Week

Happy Thanksgiving!

Any holiday week is always a great excuse to pardon oneself from any formal engagements or priorities and this week for me was certainly no exception. With 3 days off from work I planned to dedicate at least 3/4 hours of each day off to writing. I’ve rated my progress a la Bridget Jones…0 = shite; 1 = hooray

Sunday, November 21st

The lord’s day proved to be rather uneventful unless you count my coming up with this new blog idea to chronicle my weekly distractions from writing the greatest screenplay/stage play known to humankind. Oh and I worked my last Sunday at the Space Needle! A glorious feat indeed. Writing = 0

Monday, November 22nd

The first snow in Seattle! Seattle shut down as if it were the apocalypse. It’s icon, the Space Needle on the other hand, defied the city’s cries to cave in and stayed open until 8:15pm. Since I was stuck there working my last closing shift, with nothing else to do but defy my signed contract stating that I would not use the internet for personal use, I well, surfed the internet. It was a good thing to as The American Music Awards’ red carpet images were a mess. Sistas still sportin’ the wig in 2010. Do they think they are fooling anyone? Is the 90’s drag queen look so appealing? And Pink, one I’ve never been a fan of, is turning into Bette Midler! With such atrocities as this, it’s no wonder I was unable to make progress with my story. Oh also registered my first domain name through WordPress! Writing = 0

Tuesday, November 23rd

My day off!  Since outside felt like February in New Hampshire, I skipped yoga and cleaned the entire apartment. I also completed 3 scenes for my latest project! Yahoo! Writing = 1

Wednesday, November 24th

My next day off! Why do you call me to press all of your buttons Droid? Why must I check all of my stupid social networks on you while I’m sitting at my laptop trying to write a damn scene? ooh I never noticed the ‘Memo App’ before, what does this do….? Did laundry, wrote in my new Memo App and called that productive. Writing = o

Thursday, November 25th – Thanksgiving!

I’m actually writing, eating, drinking, twittering, droiding, eating some more, fornicating, footballing and wearing my early Christmas gift, a New York Jets t-shirt! Happy Thanksgiving! Writing = 1

Friday, November 26th

As my mother would say, TGIF; except I work on Saturday. Nothing much happened today just one day closer to being finished with the Needle. Oh and I wrote in my blog before going to bed. Still no progress on my screenplay/stage play – unsure of the format. Ugh! Writing = 0

Well thus far, 2 hoorays and 4 shites. Still 1 day left in the week. It’s not looking good though.

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